25. 3. 2019  |  News

The Lecture tour of Russian sinologists in the Czech Republic

The CSOK Chamber of Commerce held a lecture tour of Russian sinologists at Czech universities in the week of March 18-22. The main theme was: "trading with China is an opportunity or a threat?!".

Professor Juriy Tavrovsky and the Doctor of Science Vladimír Remyga are specialists who have been dealing with China for more than 40 years.

Both sinologists lived in China for a long time and worked in diplomatic or executive positions. Today, Russia is still actively addressing and developing China's relations.

Professor Tavrovsky lectures at the State University of Moscow, writes books on China, performs on public television programs as an expert on China and Japan, and is an important consultant to the Kremlin circle.

Dr. Remyga specializes in Russian - Chinese business relations and logistics.
As the General Director of the International Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, he specializes mainly in the Silk Road and Passport and the Road, ie. International Chinese Business and Diplomatic Project.

Technical University of Brno was one of the universities where a lecture on China was held for the professional public.

One of the other speakers at the conference, besides sinologists, the president of the chamber and the representative of the university, was a Czech entrepreneur who worked for years and lived in China.

FP CONFERENCE, how the event was named at VUT Brno significantly expanded the knowledge of present participants about the current business policy of China. The relationship between China and the US, the trade war, or how to deal with Chinese companies was another of the many topics discussed at the conference.

The fact that the time frame of the action has been dragged by more than half an hour is a testament to the attractiveness of the event and the importance of the topics for the guests present.