1. 6. 2020  |  News


CSOK Chamber of Commerce has prepared a supportive pro-export program called Synergies to Efficiency. Its principle is based on the cooperation of Czech and foreign companies in order to create joint business operations on third markets. The countries of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan are currently included in initial part of the program. The Chamber, in cooperation with the Russian Federation's business support office in Prague, is preparing a series of video conferences of Czech and Russian companies, starting in June. These conferences will offer the opportunity discuss specific business cooperation options and use synergies to enter selected third markets, interesting for individual project participants. The conferences will focus on several topics e.g. engineering, design activities, shared production capacity, skilled labor, export financing, promotion of economic security, etc.


All these activities maximize the competitiveness of the group and brings a positive effect for all involved participants. If you are interested in support from the CSOK and participation in such joint international groups, you can easily contact us on email address: sekretariat@csok.cz.