24. 9. 2020  |  News

Successful negotiations at the Ministry of Education

The President of the Chamber took part in an actively planned meeting at the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, which was prepared and chaired by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sport, Prof. Karel Rais.

The main and only topic of the meeting was study scholarships for foreign students fully funded by the Czech side. Not only students but also Czech universities would benefit from this extraordinary activity. This program would help to compensate the decline in the number of foreign self-paying students at Czech universities. Last but not least, in the long term, this project will also create benefits for Czech industry and export.

Part of the graduates usually stay in the country, where they have graduated, and become a part of the much-needed skilled workforce. After returning to their home country, the rest of the graduates are forever mentally and culturally connected with the country of their youth and studies. They dont only automatically prefer the country where he has spent an important part of his life in their activities and decision-making processes, but they are also a permanent lobbysts for Czech interests abroad. To this day, many Czech companies successfully use former graduates of Czechoslovak universities to carry out their exports.

Specific procedure for the preparation and launch of a study scholarship program for foreign students, especially from the territories where the Chamber of Commerce operates, was agreed during the meeting.

The project will start from the academic year 2021/22.

EU recovery funds will be used to finance scholarships, as well as Czech resources.

The CSOK Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber Cluster of International University Cooperation will connect selected Czech state universities with foreign students interested in studying in the Czech Republic, free of charge.