14. 9. 2020  |  News

Scholarships and student visa

The President of the CSOK Chamber of Commerce attended a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sports, which, with the substantial support of Acting Committee Chairman Prof. Karel Rais, adopted a resolution to hold a round table with the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The main and only topic of negotiations with both ministers will be to resolve the long-term intolerable situation concerning the problem of obtaining student visa for foreigners who, as self-paying students, were acquired to study at Czech universities. CSOK advocated the promotion of a round table on the topic of student visa as a representative of the cluster of international interuniversity cooperation, which brings together selected Czech state universities. The round table will also be attended by representatives of universities at the level of rectors, vice-rectors and heads of foreign departments of universities. At a time, when the coronavirus pandemic is fundamentally weakining the internationalization of studies, it is neceserry to make the approach to study as available as possible.

Another topic supported by the acting chairman of the parliamentary committee for education and science, Prof. Karel Rais, is the project of study scholarships for foreign applicants.
The aim is to gain foreign students, who will be able to get a scholarship from the Czech Republic, for selected Czech state technical universities. This project will, on the one hand, heal the temporary decline of foreign students at Czech universities caused by the pandemic situation and connected limitations, and on the other hand, the Czech labor market will gain a qualified university-educated workforce.Another effect connected with this project is obtaining permanent support for Czech exports from graduates, based on very good experiences from the past.