9. 3. 2020  |  News

Meeting of the representatives of the Chambers in Moscow

A president of the CSOK and Vice President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suren Vardanyan met at a working meeting in late February in Moscow.
The topic was a new agenda prepared by ČSOK for 2020.
The project of international cooperation of Czech and Russian business entities on third markets, raw material diplomacy or international inter-university cooperation was very positively accepted by Russian partners. By combining knowledge of the territory, design and engineering skills, export financing, skilled labor, technological and manufacturing facilities, the Czech and Russian companies combined in a special purpose group will find themselves in an extremely competitive position in selected markets of third countries in Central Asia and other selected territories.
Efficiency to success, so the CSOK calls a new initiative for which it seeks to gain support in Russia. And as the reactions of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce showed, so successfully.