9. 10. 2021  |  News

Czech-Slovak cooperation in iternational trade

In recent days, the President of the Chamber of Commerce  has met with the Business Council of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Prague to jointly assess and find realistic opportunities for trade and export cooperation between Czech and Slovak companies on the markets of third countries.

Combining the capabilities and production capacities of Czech-Slovak companies will not only increase their competitiveness, but also multiply trade and export opportunities.

With the support of the export financing instrument offered by both the Czech Export Bank and the Slovak EXIM, Czech-Slovak consortia and clusters will become significant players on foreign markets. Such pro-export clusters are now being prepared by the CSOK Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the commercial and economic section of the Slovak Embassy.

The nearest joint activity is a Czech-Slovak conference of water management and infrastructure companies, which will address, among other things, the possibilities of cooperation on third markets, or a professional seminar within the framework of the Engineering Fair in Brno.

Those interested in joining the Czechoslovak activities and projects that the Chamber is preparing can apply in writing to the following email address: csok@csok.cz