19. 9. 2021  |  Catalogue of companies

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. in 2021

ZETOR, a traditional Czech brand of farming machinery, marked its 75th anniversary this year. Over that time, more than 1.3 million tractors have rolled off the production lines and left their mark on more than 130 countries. ZETOR is the number one brand name on the domestic market and in neighbouring Slovakia. It also has a traditionally strong position in Poland.





The current range of tractors for the European and North American markets comprise 8 model lines with 20 to 170 horsepower. The higher performance 80-170 horsepower categories are represented by the MAJOR (designed for aggregation with farming machinery and for transport or communal services), PROXIMA (one of the most popular models among customers, used for work in agriculture, forestry and municipal services), FORTERRA (for medium-sized and large farms, for crop production, for aggregation with various farming machinery and for transport) and CRYSTAL (the most powerful and best equipped tractor in the ZETOR brand’s portfolio) ranges. For global markets where lower emission standards apply (south-east Asia, Africa and South America), ZETOR offers tractors in STAGE IIIA and STAGE IIIB emission standards, specifically the ZETOR GLOBAL RANGE (50-90 horsepower), MAJOR, PROXIMA and FORTERRA. The ZETOR GLOBAL RANGE stands out above all for its low purchase price and operating costs, which are key aspects that customers in Asia and Africa initially consider when buying new machinery. Sales of this model range have helped us to open up several interesting territories in recent years including Myanmar, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Columbia, Rwanda among others.

ZETOR also produces and sells gearboxes, tractor components and separate four-cylinder engines up to emission Stage V. ZETOR engines are characterised by their constant performance and low operating costs, which has been confirmed by a number of texts written by independent expert institutions. The company also provides servicing and the sale of spare parts, ensuring their component supply worldwide.

In 2015, the company introduced a new ZETOR design concept by Pininfarina, which was gradually introduced in all 80-170 horsepower model series by 2020. ZETOR’s new design style met with global acclaim and interest from both the professional and general public. Elegant lines emphasise its power and dynamism. The design goes hand in hand with high functionality and a wide range of tractor uses.

ZETOR is entering a new stage of product portfolio modernisation in the years 2023-2025. Innovation of existing model ranges will provide users with maximum comfort and a higher product utility value, while also preserving elements of effective design and operational efficiency. ZETOR tractors have made its users’ work easier and helped save energy and financial costs for 75 years. The brand name is built on the work and effort of a wide group of people over several generations. Everyone who is in any way associated with the brand honours it as a legacy and approaches it with respect and pride.

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