CSOK - Czech-Central Asian Chamber of Commerce, established under the Act.40/1980 Coll. with the consent of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in 2001 with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.
CSOK´s goal is to assist the development of economic relations and trade cooperation between Czech and foreign business entities, to create national and international groups of business entities for the purpose of business projects, to represent its members and clients in negotiations with state authorities and institutions, to create a database of business contacts and also to provide information services and guarantee the economic security of international trade relations. For these basic activities CSOK uses its own sales network, which consists of the territorial offices in more than 10 countries.
Territorial offices in the Czech Republic:
Prague - the guidance office and the Chamber of Commerce
Territorial office in Pardubice and Ostrava
Territorial offices abroad:
Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Great Britain, Iraq ..
In the head of each territorial office there is a Director for that given country or region, which to full extent realizes the foreign trade policy of CSOK. Moreover, he is responsible to set up and maintain strong industrial relations with all commercial and political subjects. He also represents the aims and goals of the clients of CSOK, as well as protects them.
 Activities / Services / Projects
CSOK is the founder of the following organizations:
- The Energy Technology Cluster EAST - created for the purpose of acquiring and implementing projects in the field of energy (thermal, hydro and nuclear, renewables)
- Chemical Technology Cluster - created for the purpose of acquiring and implementing projects, petrochemicals, water and sewer, incinerators
- Health Cluster - created for the purpose of acquiring and implementing projects in the health sector (hospitals, construction, supply of medical supplies, education and training of medical personnel, medical tourism)
- Center for Security Studies (CBS), which is responsible for control and coordination of activities aimed at the defense industry, military security activities, education and training. These are the activities in which are involved members of the Association and Association clients. An important activity of CBS is also educational and training activities. One of the packs of education activities are also aimed at training of Czech entrepreneurs who want to travel in safety problematic territories. CBS works not only with safety experts from the Czech Republic but also followed up cooperation with foreign specialists. Another task is to coordinate business relations with NATO and NAMSA.CBS organizes and holds seminars and conferences for state and municipal administration with the aim to prepare for and fight extremism of all kinds.
- SalvaQardia - safety project for security escorts to businessmen into security risk areas and full service associated with short-term and long-term protection of people and objects
- The team concept Transport Infrastructure - A project created in collaboration with the Parliament of the Czech Republic focused on the development of national transport infrastructure with regard to the interests and needs of the construction Industry
- Court of Arbitration - a project created for the purpose of resolving commercial disputes between members and clients chamber
Contractors of CSOK - a representative sample
- Center for Economic Development of Independent States,
- General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service of CR
- Prague Castle Guard
- AKKOR Agricultural Union of the Russian Federation
- Association of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan
- Pegasus Consultancy Ltd. Pakistan
- University of Defence Brno - Ministry of Defence
- 1st Medical Faculty of the Charles University, Czech Republic
- Ostrava University - College of Mining
- Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, UAE, Bahrain, Syria, Kazakhstan and other countries and regions

Long-term international projects - an example

- Nuclear energy and renewable resources - Ukraine
- Infrastructure projects - Russian Federation
- Rehabilitation of infrastructure - Afghanistan
- Health Projects - Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan



Search for business contacts and preparation of business meetings

  1. foreign sales representatives
  2. Internet database of foreign companies
  3. Foreign demand for cooperation
  4. Search addresses: wholesalers, dealers, potential foreign buyers in the latest directories
  5. individual search and verification of suitable business contacts
  6. verification of interest in the product being offered
  7. credibility verification of foreign companies

Services for companies

  1. dealership
  2. searching for suppliers
  3. search for cooperation partners
  4. provision and implementation of missions and business trips
  5. initial organization of trade negotiations
  6. provisions of legislation
  7. information about setting up a company
  8. technical barriers to entry
  9. basic information on the economic, business and legal environment