Programme of Care of modern veterans with the working title "Patriotism in the shield"

A nationwide program support for Czech war veterans is a new program that ČSOK classified in their activities. In addition to cooperation with the Foundation of police officers and firefighters CR is a new activity that should be of benefit to society.

It is an activity aimed at addressing companies, as well as other business entities in order to ensure that every business entity created at least one job for the modern veteran. With the use of all current support MoD and the State means. Support for the retraining and subsequent six-month salary reimbursement employed veteran. Activity with the above name has a task to awaken patriotism and honor, and certainly that would be a real demonstration of long-term attitudes than the second's exhibition "who is not jumping Bohemia 'nation passes only once a year at the World Championship in ice hockey.
The project we want to do without pathos and focused only and only on the support of patriotic feeling and perception of the current realities of the world. We have already several non-binding pre-trial interviews with the directors and business owners. With a very good response!

Another related project is the creation of jobs for recent veterans, which is focused on the use of experienced veterans in training and lectures for pupils and students in primary and secondary schools within military training and first aid. A lecturer in the context of other educational activities. Ie. the creation of so-called. teaching staff for assistance retraining courses. We have started negotiations at the level of the Ministry of Education and regional primary and secondary schools and colleges.
At the same time creating the project retraining veteran instructors of security forces on the services we offer through our example, the training of security forces in Ukraine. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and so on.
A natural part of the tribute to veterans and those fallen and therefore the chamber has offered cooperation department of the Ministry of Defence in the care of the graves of fallen legionnaires on the Russian front.

Following the complicated development of international relations in the last period and the associated complex maintaining existing relationships or establish new relationships on an important trade fairs territory of the Russian Federation comes our Chamber of Commerce as a long term specialist in eastern markets with exceptional value to support the export of Czech firms closer to Czech entrepreneurs this attractive and promising market. With our support, you can be in daily direct contact through a joint permanent offices in Moscow, from which we can flexibly deal with all issues and business cases.

Our Chamber of Commerce as a specialist on the markets of the former Soviet Union offers the opportunity presented through the permanent representation that CSOK provides its workers in a common office in the Czech house in the center of Moscow.  

Use this menu presents a number of immediate benefits and specific options aimed at enhancing business activities not only in the Russian Federation. In Moscow, there is also a number of central institutions such which operates in all countries of the Association of Independent States (former USSR). These include the Centre for Economic Development Association of Independent States, Eurasian Executive Board, the states of the Russian Federation - Belarus or AKKOR, All-Russian Association of farmers and ranchers. With all of these institutions with many other CSOK closely.
Through a common office so you can use the following services in particular:

  1.      Address of your company at a prestigious address in Moscow
  2.      Reception and assistance services (getting mail, phone messages, etc..) 
  3.      Use the space for meetings in Czech house with your business partners 
  4.      Permanent catalog presentation 
  5.      Exhibition of samples 
  6.      Basic marketing services 
  7.      Office Services 
  8.      Accommodation in Czech house with 10% discount 
  9.      Book tickets, providing transfers 
  10.      Other services as agreed

The basic flat fee for the use of common office in the Czech House in Moscow, including the above mentioned services is 6.000, - CZK per month for a minimum of 1 year ( CZK 72,000 per year in two installments, the first upon signing the contract and the other to the 15th day of the sixth month running contracts ).
If you are interested, please contact us. Contact Person Ms. Hana Petrechová, Director of the Secretariat of the President of the Chamber, tel: 296 348 804, e-mail:

Czech Central Asian Chamber of Commerce is the contractual partner of the Association of Russian Muftis, who is the founder standard halal certification center and on the basis of the contract is authorized to provide certification process for production according to standard HALAL in the Czech Republic.
Halal is translated "allowed, permitted," is a term referring to all the objects and activities of everyday life that are permitted according to Islamic tradition. Most often this term is used in connection with food that is allowed for Muslims to consume, but also applies to medicines or cosmetics.

Certification is a sophisticated professional process performed under the supervision and participation of specialists certification and standardization HALAL center of Moscow. The scope and content can be compared to the process of ISO certification. HALAL certificate according to the standard required by all manufacturers and traders who wish their production and supply of goods wherever required standard halal. Above all, it is the Islamic markets of Arab countries, but also a significant part of the Asian markets. A separate chapter of the post-Soviet states. In the Russian Federation today home to 80 million Muslims, and tens of millions in the former Soviet Central Asian republics. Very interesting, but also the European Union market, which today has more than 55 million Muslims!
Given the above exceptional opportunity for Czech food producers, as well as other goods and services. Opportunity for all those who want to find a significant new markets and millions of customers.

Those interested in obtaining a certificate with CSOK conclude an agreement on certification and standardization process closed certifications, which are linked to other services and support. Specifically, the constant supervision and support for the maintenance of standards of halal. But most of any entity that is certified by the constant support of certification and standardization of halal center of the Russian Federation to the Islamic markets. This involves the sales support and search for specific customers.

If you are interested, please contact us at the following email address


 The main thrust of Expocentre:                                                                                            

  • Operation of services of tour operator
  • Realization of exhibitions, presentations, contract days
  • Conferences, seminars
  • Organization of B2B meetings
  • Realization of permanent exhibition center and contracting
  • Promoting tourism
  • Implementation of gastronomic weeks
  • Organizing social and sporting events
  • Provision of logistic services for delegations
  • Providing exhibition spaces


EXPOCENTRUM ensures operation:

  • Permanent commercial and technical center of Pakistan in Czech Republic
  • Services in the position of tourist operator

 In cooperation of CSOK with representatives of Corporation for Development of Karelia are held negotiations about the specific agreements on the participation of Czech entities in the implementation of infrastructure and energy projects such as the construction of hydroelectric power plants, heating plants, sewage treatment plants or hospitals. The management of cooperating corporations arrives at the invitation of of 11 - 14th of June to the Czech Republic, during the stay was already concluded a specific agreement. Not only to support the implementation of projects Chamber from July this year opens in the Autonomous Republic of Karelia Honorary Consulate of CSOK . Through honorary consul office will be promoting the interests of Czech industry and provided the permanent technical organizational support for members and partners in Karelia.

For more information please contact us on email

 International Academy of Diplomacy and Business established by decree of the President of the Czech Central Asian Chamber of Commerce utilizes a business plan and economic strategy of President of the Russian Federation to establish cooperation between Russian and Central European partners in the business, but also the implementation of programs of academic mobility of teachers and students of higher educational institutions.

International Academy of Diplomacy and Business through its founder Czech Central Asian Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Západačeské University, University of South Bohemia, University of Defence Brno and other Czech universities.
The main objectives of the Academy are:
  • promote the use of science and its achievements for the implementation of international projects;
  • coordination and common efforts of scientists from Russia and the Czech Republic in research;
  • promotion of cooperation between Russia and Czech Republic in the field of science, education, business, technology and culture;
  • training of entrepreneurs in international standards;
  • training teachers in innovative teaching methods.


To achieve these objectives, the Academy performs the following activities:

  • basic and applied research;
  • retraining of professional objects and agencies;
  • publications on the domestic and foreign market, educational and other literature that supports education. For the realization of publications was based publishing house, "International Academy of Business and Diplomacy" - this is the official publishing house, registered at the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
  • participation in international scientific conferences and programs, exchange of experts;
  • scientific conferences, symposia, publishing magazines, Training equipment, monographs in paper and electronic form. Academy created for publishing scientific articles on the internet electronic scientific journal which has an editorial board is headed by Managing Editor - Rector of the College business and Diplomacy. All articles are registered with the ISSN. Writing in the journal SCOPUS;
  • audits of books and publications Czech and Russian scientists;
  • competition for the best publication;
  • awarding of diplomas and medals, Academy Award;
  • establish scientific relations between the Academy and educational institutions, associations, unions, both in Russia and the Czech Republic;
  • Providing international advisory and consulting services in the field of business and education;


The legal status of the Academy:

  •  Academy operates within the legal framework of the Central Asian Czech Chamber of Commerce ;
  • Academy can open branches and representative offices in Russia abroad, with the introduction of the prescribed additions , manner consistent with the concept of the Academy;
  • Academy department includes: publishing and publishing department, Certification Division, Institute of Advanced Studies

 candidates (design firms, construction companies, suppliers of equipment for hotels, winter sports resorts, engineering company) is possible to request for admission to the building infrastructure cluster North Caucasus Federal District, which CSOK created and managed. Condition of acceptance is qualification and capability, reference, membership fee and participation in working meetings and missions to SFO.

At this point CSOK within the framework of long-term and repeated negotiations agreed working meeting with representatives of CSOK and their infrastructure construction, design and engineering group with:
leadership of the municipality Sochi
President of Karachay-Cherkessia Autonomous Republic
with the Mayor of Kislovodsk

Within the meeting will be submitted specific construction projects in the above areas, which are financed from the federal budget and guaranteed by the Government of the Russian Federation, in particular the following projects:

  1. Sochi - transport infrastructure construction in Sochi - underpasses, pedestrian corridors, colonnades along the sea, water mains and sewers, collectors accommodation.
  2. Karachay - Cherkessiya Autonomous Republic: construction of sports tourist resorts, ski resorts, transport infrastructure
  3. Kislovodsk-construction of hotels, spas, sports facilities and alpine hiking areas including transport infrastructure, utilities, etc.

At this point there is a specific list of projects for SFO approved by the federal government, from which you can choose on the place within the framework of personal negotiations projects on which Czech group "dares to". Projects are funded and guaranteed by the state. At the meeting will be representative of the Czech Export Bank.


• Healthcare
Deliveries of modern technology and medical material, medical education, medical tourism

• revitalization of utilities
We deal with the state-funded projects for the construction and reconstruction of utilities (water, sewerage, sewage treatment plants, etc) using modern technology.

• Energy
Renovation, expansion and new construction of energy facilities
Reconstruction, modernization and construction of power grids
Production of energy from alternative sources
Cooperation in the field of mining and transportation of oil and gas
The system of national technical audits state energy industry
Deliveries of new technologies leading to savings and economizing in the energy industry
Education and training

• Agriculture
Development and modernization of the agricultural sector and food industry from production through to processing and food packaging (delivery technology ....)

• disposal of municipal waste
Sorting of waste incinerators, landfills, waste management systems

Czech Republic:

• Energy, Engineering
Preparation of projects for electricity generation
Supply of technology and production units
Solutions for energy savings
Export of technological equipment abroad