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TECHNOEXPORT a.s. is a Czech company successfully acting as the exporter of complete industrial plants since 1953.

Services provided:

We provide a full range of services during the projects ́ realization phase, in close co-operation with other sister and daughter companies of the Safichem Projekty Group:

  Management of EPC projects (“turnkey projects”)

  Development of Feasibility Studies

  Engineering services (development of basic and detail design, documentation for building

permit, as-built documentation)

  Procurement of equipment & materials and transport to the construction site

  Construction, Commissioning, authorial and construction supervision

  Putting into operation, sale, and after-sale services


 Atmospheric and vacuum distillation units, Light distillates HDS, Gas oil HDS  Catalytic reforming,
 Production of lube oils, Re-fining of used oils
 Asphalt blowing unit, Amine treatment unit

Petrochemical and Chemical Industry

 Sulfuric and phosphoric acids
 Fertilizers production units
 Biodiesel
 Isomerization (Hydroisomerization)  Hydrodesulphurisation

 Distillation of crude oil
 Hydrogen plants
 Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) Plants
 Off-sites (nitrogen units, water treatment plants, technological air distribution units etc.)

Natural Gas and Storage tanks

 Units for treatment of natural gas
 Compressor stations
 Tanks for storing liquids (ammonia, water, etc.) up to 125 000 m3

Water management

 Wastewater treatment units
 Water treatment unit for industrial use (demi-water)  Flood – protection systems

Food Industry

 Breweries (incl. mini breweries) and malt houses  Distilleries


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