14. 8. 2017


The Kazakh capital city of Astana held a working meeting of the Chamber President with the Director of the Center for Economic Development of the Association of Independent States Vladimir Savchenko as well as with the Director General of the MAG - Capital Association and Capital City of SNS, Vladimir Selivanov
From 2016, with the support of the Chamber, in Crete is prepared a development project for the construction of 32 apartments in Agia Galini on the southwest coast of the island.
By Wednesday, December 9 signed by the president of the chamber memorandum of understanding and cooperation with the working group of representatives of the statutory city of Karlovy Vary. The Contracting Parties shall undertake joint activities for the development of tourism and trade, spas and medical and health visits, educational, economic and scientific-technical cooperation, culture and sport to attract foreign investors, especially from the countries of Central Asia and all the principles of equality and mutual benefit, exchange of experience and information for the implementation of joint projects, as well as strengthening partnerships.
Chamber leadership took the decision to terminate the March 31, 2016 collaboration with Zdeněk Sysel
On Wednesday, 30th March, held a working meeting and receiving a delegation of 45 Chinese companies, who came to Prague in the framework of the state visit of the President of China.
In the days 20 to 25 March was held chamber mission to Beijing and Hebei Province
On Friday, March 18, 2016 in Moscow was held for 25 International Economic Forum of Independent States
For the second day ČSOK delegation and representatives of Carlsbad in Hebei Province yielded more concrete results. This is a project to build a senior resort in the Czech Republic, which is intended for a stay of Chinese seniors. Czech delegation negotiated with other partners Hebei Tourism...
Chamber on the basis of the signed memorandum between ČSOB and a working group of councilors statutory city of Karlovy Vary has prepared business and business mission from 15 - 22 January 2016 in Hebei province, which lies on the border of Beijing
With the help of Deputies of the Czech Parliament deputy and deputy Vlasta Bohdalová and prof. Karel Rais took place the official adoption of the Afghan delegation at the Ministry of Education