For the second day ČSOK delegation and representatives of Carlsbad in Hebei Province yielded more concrete results. This is a project to build a senior resort in the Czech Republic, which is intended for a stay of Chinese seniors. Czech delegation negotiated with other partners Hebei Tourism...
Chamber on the basis of the signed memorandum between ČSOB and a working group of councilors statutory city of Karlovy Vary has prepared business and business mission from 15 - 22 January 2016 in Hebei province, which lies on the border of Beijing
With the help of Deputies of the Czech Parliament deputy and deputy Vlasta Bohdalová and prof. Karel Rais took place the official adoption of the Afghan delegation at the Ministry of Education
Chamber prepared for the Afghan delegation series of meetings with representatives of the Czech Parliament.
At the invitation ČSOK flew to Prague delegation from Afghanistan led by representatives of the Afghan Parliament, Mr. Jauzjani.
On 15 - 22 January, 2016 will be held for mission participation of representatives of Carlsbad and the business sector.
On Tuesday, January 12 held a long-planned working meeting with the president of the chamber chairman of the Association of Polish Exporters Dr. Jery Rzymanek
ČSOK Chamber of Commerce created with Afghan partners the Center of Afgan-Czech relations
As part of the program of work of the Afghan parliamentary delegation that prepared ČSOK in Tuesday, 08/12 held a working meeting between the chairman of the economic committee of the Afghan Parliament, Mr. Baz Jauzjani and Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Education of the Czech...
President ČSOK participated in Tuesday, 08/12 Diplomatic breakfast, which was moderated by Jakub Zelezny attended by Industry and Trade Minister Jan Mladek and Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa. Topic diplomatic breakfasts concerned business opportunities in Iran.