In the second week of July, the International Engineering Fair INNOPROM attended also by representatives of the CSOK Chamber of Commerce took place in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

The revival of the SME economic sector was the subject of a working meeting organised by the Institute for Politics and Society and attended by the President of the CSOK.

Throughout its 20 years of activity, the CSOK Chamber of Commerce has always tried to set the direction and look for current opportunities for Czech industry and Czech exports far in advance. One of such business-export initiatives is the Arctic region, which is becoming more and more accessible and thus more attractive due to warming

The June EU summit reopened a long-standing issue concerning the resolution of the situation of refugees from the Middle East to the EU. Once again, the question has been raised as to whether sending billions of euros to Turkey is really the best solution. The Czech Government currently thinks that...

The CSOK Chamber of Commerce has entered a business cooperation and support agreement with iSky Technology, a Czech science and technology company engaged in commercial activities in space.

The CSOK Chamber of Commerce has established the international cluster "Wooden Buildings". This current initiative of the Chamber is the culmination of the long-term activities aimed at provide economically suitable houses for young families. The pilot project of the iniciative is...

The President of the Chamber of commerce hasmet with the new Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Prague. The meeting was focused on the search for common topics with benefit for both parties. From the point of view of CSOK, it is mainly about supporting of Czech exports and international interuniversity cooperation in the field of science, research and technology.

25. 3. 2021

Tambov region

On March 23th, has the CSOK Chamber of Commerce organized an online workshop "Commercial and Economic Cooperation between the Tambov Region and the Czech Republic" in cooperation with the Russian Federation Business Council in Prague.

The delegation of the CSOK leadership met at a working meeting with representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Czech Republic. The embassy team was strengthened by an experienced expert whose task is to develop trade and investment cooperation between the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan.

The management of the chamber has met at a working meeting with a representative of the Union of Entrepreneurs of the Bashkortostan Republic of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic.