International Academy of Diplomacy and Business established by decree of the President of the Czech Central Asian Chamber of Commerce utilizes a business plan and economic strategy of President of the Russian Federation to establish cooperation between Russian and Central European partners in the business, but also the implementation of programs of academic mobility of teachers and students of higher educational institutions.

International Academy of Diplomacy and Business through its founder Czech Central Asian Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, Západačeské University, University of South Bohemia, University of Defence Brno and other Czech universities.


The main objectives of the Academy are:

  • promote the use of science and its achievements for the implementation of international projects;

  • coordination and common efforts of scientists from Russia and the Czech Republic in research;

  • promotion of cooperation between Russia and Czech Republic in the field of science, education, business, technology and culture;

  • training of entrepreneurs in international standards;

  • training teachers in innovative teaching methods.


To achieve these objectives, the Academy performs the following activities:

  • basic and applied research;

  • retraining of professional objects and agencies;

  • publications on the domestic and foreign market, educational and other literature that supports education. For the realization of publications was based publishing house, "International Academy of Business and Diplomacy" - this is the official publishing house, registered at the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic

  • participation in international scientific conferences and programs, exchange of experts;

  • scientific conferences, symposia, publishing magazines, Training equipment, monographs in paper and electronic form. Academy created for publishing scientific articles on the internet electronic scientific journal which has an editorial board is headed by Managing Editor - Rector of the College business and Diplomacy. All articles are registered with the ISSN. Writing in the journal SCOPUS;

  • audits of books and publications Czech and Russian scientists;

  • competition for the best publication;

  • awarding of diplomas and medals, Academy Award;

  • establish scientific relations between the Academy and educational institutions, associations, unions, both in Russia and the Czech Republic;

  • Providing international advisory and consulting services in the field of business and education;


The legal status of the Academy:

  •  Academy operates within the legal framework of the Central Asian Czech Chamber of Commerce ;

  • Academy can open branches and representative offices in Russia abroad, with the introduction of the prescribed additions , manner consistent with the concept of the Academy;

  • Academy department includes: publishing and publishing department, Certification Division, Institute of Advanced Studies