DEDALART Construction & Luxury Real Estate

Are you looking for the ideal residence? Maybe a paradise place to spend the holidays of your dreams? “DEDALART” has predicted it for you!

A place with sun, sea, green, and warm residents is the ideal choice.
All these are combined harmonically with Crete. “DEDALART” offers you the chance to purchase finished houses, or plots in order to build the residence of your dreams!
Also, you can invest your money in the construction of a touristic complex that will surely generate profit! In extremely low cost compared to other regions.

The house today

Luxurious VillaThe recent years the residence we desire to live in, is necessary to cover a wide range of needs. Some years ago it was just a livelihood need- but not now. The time passes, so do the human needs in the way we want our home. Nowadays the modern house has to offer a quality of life and fulfill-at the same time- our aesthetics. Our duty is to plan and construct the modern house of your dreams, as you wish, by covering every need of yours.

The goal of ‘’DEDALART’’ is to construct original and special architectural projects, combining the traditional with the modern element and harmonizing them perfectly with the natural environment of the region, and also by respecting the natural beauty that is dominant in that area. All of our projects combine the quality and the aesthetics in the lowest possible cost, in order you get provided the best possible result! Priority of our company is  our client to be 100% satisfied with the aesthetics of our construction, but also with its cost.


Luxurious VillaThe primary concern of ours and our partners is the excellent cooperation between us. We work responsibly and transparently because in “DEDALART” we believe that this is the only way for having a right and honest cooperation with the client. Every single member of our team is distinguished for its knowledge and its long-term experience in construction, so we are able to satisfy every kind of demand, requirement and investing idea in the areas of building and tourism. We cooperate with the most suitable people all around Crete, and so our company is able to cover a wide range of needs in the whole island. 

Our portfolio includes a huge variety of properties. All properties recommended are close or next to the sea with an unobstructed view to the blue of the sea. Places in coastal touristic destinations, where the natural beauty and the cultural interest, is one of the reasons that will attract your interest. We also own a variety of investment projects all around the island for those businessmen that are interested in making a huge investment in our island.

Whether you wish to build the house of your dreams form the beginning, or find a suitable investment project that will provide the desired profit, DEDALART is here to help you!

Luxurious Villa
If you wish to build piece by piece the house of your dreams, exactly as you have planned it in your mind, we can help you make this dream come true: a property in Crete that reserves you a place close to the sun, sea, and this great Mediterranean climate of our island.

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