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29. 5. 2012

Czech-Middle Asian Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as CSOK) has operated successfully in the Eastern markets through its territorial offices for a few years. Right from the start, CSOK focused on projects in the field of state-funded projects in the power industry (construction, reconstructions, modernisations and expansions of power sources, reconstructions and construction of power grids, wind and photovoltaic power plants, cooperation in the field of oil and gas mining and transport, new technology resulting in savings and economy in the power industry, education and training etc…), environment and petro-chemistry.

ČSOK has been operating successfully for several years in eastern markets through their own territorial offices. From the beginning, ČSOK with  members are focused on projects in the area of ​​state-funded projects in the sphere of:                                                                                                                                                   


1 / Energy and petrochemicals


pre-project preparation
• projection activities
• engineering
• construction work
• supplies of components ( pumps, valves, pressure vessels ....)
• Delivery and assembly of technological units
• launch of the work into service


These are the services and supplies in the construction, reconstruction, modernization and expansion of energy sources, reconstruction and construction of energy networks, projects of wind and photovoltaic power, cooperation in the field of mining and transportation of oil and gas, supplies of new technologies leading to economizing and saving in the energy industry , education and training, .. etc.


2 / Wastewater treatment plants, water supply and sewerage

In the field of ​​water management structures are used the most modern methods and technology.

We offer:
• project services, designing solutions to all problems related to water management (water supply, sewerage, wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, pumping stations, reservoirs ...)
• Construction management and engineering activities
• Complete construction and reconstruction of pipelines (water, sewer, gas ...) reconstructions are also performed using bezvýkopých technology.
• Complete construction and reconstruction of water treatment plants, water treatment plants, reservoirs, pumping stations (both municipal water, industrial water and chemical).
• construction and rehabilitation of all concrete hydraulic structures using the most modern techniques and technologies.
• CCTV inspection and cleaning of all pipelines with a diagnosis of pipelines


3 / Construction, engineering, transportation

We offer services and supplies in consulting, engineering and implementation of contracts for:

• bridges and engineering structures
• Geodesy and GIS
• Engineering geology
• Geotechnical and underground Structures
• Industrial use of biotechnology
• Spatial planning
• Systems of urban public transport, intelligent traffic management, telematics applications
• Railway construction
• Road and highway construction
• Town planning, construction
• Water management structures

In the implementation of of contracts processes we use the most modern technology at the global level


4 / Security Technology, IT

In the field of ​​safety technology, we offer services in the sphere of security schemes of office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, security, banks and financial institutions, security schemes
ATMs, security systems and solutions for the military and police, road safety systems,
rail and air transport systems for the protection of persons and property ....

• ESS-Intrusion Alarm
• EPS - Fire Alarm
• CCTV - Closed Circuit Television, CCTV
• ACCESS - Electronic access control
• PCO - transmission systems and centralized protection
• Perimetric guarding
• Mechanical barriers
• Added Systems

In the field of of IT technologies respond to the specific requirements of clients. We propose an optimal solution , suply technologies and applications that build directly for specific customer.


5 / Food and Agriculture

We carry out supplies technologies for agricultural and food industry. In the field of ​​agricultural production technologies we offer storage and processing of agricultural products:

• Supply and installation of equipment for the storage, transport and processing of grain
• Repairs and reconstruction of post-harvest lines and production facilities KS
• Grain silos, floor storage, indoor storage
• Grain dryers, grain dryers, stationary and mobile
• Post-harvest grain processing
• Horizontal and vertical transportation (elevators, bulk conveyors, screw conveyors, pneumatic and vibrating transport)
• Cleaning, screening, sorting, separating dirt and impurities, calibration
• Grinding and crushing, scrapping
• Feed-extrusion lines


In the food industry, we offer delivery and modernization:
Cooling equipment for:
• Cooling liquids in industrial processes for example breweries and malt houses
• Chilling and freezing of meat after slaughter, to maintain temperature during storage and further processing. Appropriate choice of reciprocating or screw compressors can be achieved by deep temperatures for standard and shock freezing of meat, fish and poultry.

• Cooling technological water during the processing of milk, milk products and storage of these products. Furthermore, we use cooling equipment for cooling the air at the deep temperature in the manufacture and storage of frozen milk products.

• Warehouse space cooling of fruits, vegetable and products derived therefrom, in packed and unpacked version, shock freezing of fruits and vegetable

Food processing technologies for processing of fruit and vegetable

• Freezing of fruit
• Freezing of vegetable
• conservation of fruit on metal sheet, to glass and bags
• Production of concentrates in aseptic packaging
• Drying of fruit and vegetable and medicinal herbs

•Machines for weighing and packaging of food products
• Vertical and horizontal hose packaging machines
• Packing machines for filling and sealing preformed cups
• Trough scales
• Multiple bowl weight-driven processor
• Set Packer
• Food conveyors


Management of the working group

Chairman of the Ececutive Board: Jiří Nestával
Vice-Chairman of the Ececutive Board:   Josef Smolař
Member of the Ececutive Board: Radek Mazač
Member of the Ececutive Board: Radek Štecker

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