19. 11. 2018

The Chamber extended its activities to the new two countries this year. Montenegro and Norway. Successfully managed in Oslo and Podgorica to open a chamber of territorial offices with permanent representatives.

Only in Montenegro the Chamber had organized 3 business thematically separate missions within five months. Municipal infrastructure, implementation experience of Czech accession to the European Union or the promotion of tourism were the main topics missions. The Mayor of the historic royal town of Cetinje visited the invitation of the Prague Chamber of Commerce and made a personal acquaintance with the offer of the companies that the Chamber is associating and representing and which are ready to build and modernize the infrastructure of Montenegrin towns including Cetinje.

Already in January, another chamber delegation will be coming to Montenegro, focusing on education, inter-university cooperation, science and research.

Cooperation with Norwegian firms is in the beginning. So far, it is primarily interest in the Norwegian side about the Czech market and the Central Asian market, where the chamber is constantly operating.

Today, the Chamber is working through its network of permanent Delegates of Territorial Offices in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, China, Montenegro and Norway.

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