Business mission to Montenegro

6. 11. 2018

For the third time this year, the Chamber organized a trade and business mission to Montenegro.

Again, it was a proven process to organize a closely specialized mission involving a company from one industry. This time it was civil air transport and tourism.
The members of the delegation were, in addition to the President of the Chamber and Vlasta Bohdalová, vice-president of CSOK for Education, Science, Research, Tourism and Social Affairs, in particular the management of regional airports in Pardubice and Ceske Budejovice or a group of representatives of the Czech Tourist Office.

A round table was held in Budva, where the top representatives of Montenegrin civil aviation and tourism attended besides the Czech delegation with the participation of Czech ambassador Mr. Karel Urban and the president of CSOK. For example, the State Secretary of the Montenegrin Tourism Ministry or the General Director of the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro, Mrs. Zelka Radak, the President of the Montenegrin Tourist Association, Žarko Radulovic, as well as the General Director of Aerodrome Montenegro, operating the international airports Podgorica and Tivat,
In the days to come, the program took place in the cities of Tivat, Bar and Podgorica. Thanks to the well-prepared agenda, which the Embassy of the Czech Republic has earned so much, it has managed to fulfill all its tasks and expectations.
In February 2019, participants in the Budweiser meeting also agreed to hold another round of negotiations in February in the Czech Republic or to open the center of Montenegro in the Czech Republic, etc.

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