Cetinje on the CSOK invitation in Czech Republic

27. 10. 2018

The delegation of the royal, historic city of Cetinje from Montenegro led by the head of the city Aleksandar Kaščelan, visited on Thursday 22nd-24th of October on invitation CSOK, Czech Republic.

The town of Cetinje is a contractual partner of CSOK. The Mayor's working visit is the fulfillment of the memorandum items that were signed in September 2018.

During a two-day visit, the Montenegrin delegation underwent a rich program. The program partners participated in the program: Garnets Consulting and Amabila.

The main topics of the talks concerned the four main programs that the Chamber has submitted to Montenegrin partners since the first visit to Montenegro.

- implementation of the Czech Republic's experience with EU accession

- construction and modernization of municipal infrastructure. In particular, sewage treatment plants.

- inter-university cooperation and education

- support for Montenegrin tourism

This agenda corresponds to the prepared work program.
The Delegation was accepted by the Rector Tomáš Vaněk at the Academy of Fine Arts, who negotiated with Mayor Kaščelan the cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Academy in Cetinje.

Garnets Consulting has organized excursions to WWTP Mnichovo Hradiště and Mladá Boleslav, where the delegation from Cetinje was acquainted with the level of contemporary modern wastewater treatment solutions in the Czech Republic.

The conclusion of the delegation program was held in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, where Mr. Karel Rais, deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee met with the Mayor Kaščelan and his escort, who, in the presence of the President of ČSOK and the mayor, discussed the support of the MRD CR to the processes of Montenegro joining the EU, interuniversity cooperation, Montenegrin students in the Czech Republic, providing expert consultants and experts for the needs of Montenegro, or a plan to open an airline between the Czech Republic and Montenegro.

The visit of Mayor Cetinje fulfilled its purpose and purpose and the delegation flew from the Czech Republic with the conviction that the continuation of the cooperation with ČSOK will be beneficial for the development of the town of Cetinje and its citizens.

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