25. 9. 2018

ivat is one of the most important seaside resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Montenegro.
Tivat International Airport is an important gateway to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The fact that this is an important tourist center is also evidenced by huge investment in accommodation capacities. Only over € 500 million have been invested in the first phase of building the Montenegro resort in Tivat.
Permanent growth of tourists puts even more demands on the needs of the city. Supply of drinking water, sewage, waste disposal, transport infrastructure, as well as increasing the qualification of workers in the hotel and restaurant business. All these are questions that Tivat wants to solve with the help of the Chamber.
The meeting of the Czech delegation with the participation of the Czech Ambassador brought concrete conclusions in the form of specific points of cooperation. At the end of the meeting at the Tivat Municipality, the President of the Chamber signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Mayor of the City.

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