25. 9. 2018

As part of the business and business mission of ČSOK to Montenegro, a delegation accompanied by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mr. Karel Urban, visited the town of Danilovgrad.

The Chamber has visited this Montenegrin city this June. As practically in all the cities of Montenegro, there is a dynamic development of modernization and building of communal infrastructure.

The city of Danilovgrad needs to deal with waste disposal and other areas of city infrastructure.
The Chamber's offer to provide expert advisors and consulting co-operation to solve tasks related to EU issues at the municipal level was very much taken up by the new leadership of the city, managed by the Mayor of the city, Mrs. Zorica Kovačević, and the chairman of the municipal parlament ​​Mr. Zoran Bosković.
This was also the main reason for signing a memorandum of cooperation between ČSOK and Danilovgrad.
On the basis of the newly signed Memorandum, the chamber with the city management prepares a specific point plan for further cooperation.



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