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14. 9. 2018

The first half of September was a very hectic period for the Chamber.

The delegation of the Commercial Director of the Perm DSK woodworking plant, which is a client of the Chamber, first came to the meeting. There was a working meeting with the management of BIDLI Holding and excursion at their production plant in Červený Kostelec. And a week to go to Prague, Permanent Deputy General Manager of DSK also visited the planned visit to continue negotiations on cooperation in the Czech Republic, but also to enter PERM DSK into the Chinese market through and with the help of ČSOK. Negotiations with the Permanent Company took place with the participation of the permanent representative of ČSOK in Beijing.

The Chamber welcomed the Chinese delegation of the Chinese government from Xuzhou in China. The program took place in Brno and Prague. And already on September 20, 2018, another meeting will take place in Prague. This time, this is a business delegation led by the Deputy Chairman of the Xuzhou City Government. The negotiations concern in particular long-term business and economic cooperation as well as science, research and education.

The President of the Chamber attended meetings with representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina on education and training at the level of apprenticeship education for BaH citizens, with the participation of the rector of the chamber academy and the permanent representative of the Chamber in Montenegro.

In September, the President of the Chamber visited the Russian Federation where he held talks on business cooperation and support for Czech exports, as well as lectures and training courses for entrepreneurs.Chamber of the week from 17.9. It organizes a working trip to Montenegro aimed at implementing the Czech experience of joining the EU and involving Czech companies in the reconstruction and construction of the municipal infrastructure of Montenegro.

The Chamber from 1.9.2018 opens another permanent territorial office. This time it is Norway.


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