VUT Brno and Xuzhou

9. 9. 2018

In Brno on 6th-7th September, the meeting of the representatives of the Technical University of Brno, Brno, with the delegation of the municipal government of Xuzhou, was held.
For Brno led negotiations vice-rector for international relations prof. Jiří Hirš and Emeritus Rector Prof. Karel Rais and Dean of the Faculty of Business Associate Professor Stanislav Škápa. Negotiations took place with the active participation of the ČSOK leadership.

Representatives of Brno University of Technology participated in this year's Chamber Mission in Xuzhou, where it started to deal with inter-university cooperation with Xuzhou Technical University, exchanges or study visits of students and educators, PhD studies, MBA and cooperation in science and research.
The September meeting in Brno was a continuation of these negotiations.
The Chinese delegation had the opportunity to get acquainted with the current offer of the Faculty of Business presented by its Dean by Associate Professor Škápa.

The outcome of the two-day meeting was the creation of a concrete plan for further joint action.
A further joint meeting will take place in Xuzhou on 26 November, where Chinese students will be recruited for study at the Brno University of Technology. The Chinese delegation offered talks with the central government of the 100 million Tiangsu province in Nanking. Here the mission of the Brno University of Technology (Brno University of Technology) will take place in front of universities from all over the province. The Chamber began the preparation of the mission.


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