28. 6. 2018

The delegation of the ČSOK, which visited Montenegro in June, did not deal only in the capital city of Podgorica, but also in other major centers of the country. These were specifically cities Niksic, Cetinje and Danilovgrad. Representatives of the delegation represented, in particular, the Czech infrastructure industry - water supply and sewerage systems, power generation, heat generation and disposal or municipal waste disposal.

The Chamber at all meetings with the mayors of the cities mentioned to present a comprehensive offer, which consisted of providing the experience of the Czech Republic in preparing for accession and the actual entry into the EU and implementation experience in state, municipal and private entities in the pre-accession and entry procedures. Another part of the collaboration offer was the ability and expertise of participating companies to participate in building and modernizing city infrastructure, Smart City, helping to finance project financing, consulting services, or educating municipal staff working on the EU accession agenda.
 The ČSOK  offer mayors welcome and have a great interest in the quick start cooperation. Representatives of the Ministries of Economy or Sustainable Development attended the meeting. And so the timing of all the meetings at the Town Hall was very concrete.
Czech companies have withdrawn from Montenegro a bid to cooperate on projects such as the construction of a water collector, the construction and modernization of WWTPs, the construction of hydroelectric power plants, the disposal of municipal, bio-waste or the disposal of tires. This included support for urban business incubators or assistance in restructuring urban industrial zones.
The Chamber has agreed in all cities to conclude separate Memoranda of Cooperation that will regulate the system of cooperation between the different cities by the Chamber and the companies and entities represented by the Chamber.

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