28. 6. 2018

The Chamber negotiated with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro about specific cooperation and support for tourism.

In particular, it was discussed the possibility of gradually redirecting at least 10% of the total number of Czech tourists who are heading for a holiday to Croatia every year. For this purpose, the chamber with the Ministry began to assess the opportunity to open in the Czech Republic and information center of Montenegrin tourism. Another important issue was finding a direct air transport solution between the Czech Republic and Montenegro. The Chamber has already led talks in South Bohemia and Pardubice region, where there are international airports where aircraft could fly on route to Podgorica. The solution of comfortable direct air transport would not only help the tourism business, but also expand the trade cooperation of both countries and help Czech exports and industry.
The ČSOK Chamber of Commerce led, on the basis of mandate, talks on the establishment of cooperation between the Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia and the Faculty of Philology of the State University of Montenegro. Faculty JČU prepared for meetings of the President of the chamber in Montenegro particular draft concept of cooperation. In September this year, the Chamber, in co-operation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic, is preparing a working trip of South Bohemian University to Montenegro, where inter-university cooperation should be launched.

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