18. 12. 2020  |  News

Working meeting of the President of the Chamber with the Business Council of the Russian Federation in Prague

The plan of activities and further cooperation of CSOK with the sales representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for 2021 was discussed by the president of CSOK with the Business Council of the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic.

Both representatives agreed to continue organizing distance video conferences and online business Russian-Czech meetings, which were successfully organized by CSOK and the Russian Trade Council during the year 2020. For the year 2021, a joint newly conceived two-step program of international export cooperation will be implemented and launched.

The first stage will consist of organizing and holding internationa business video conferences, which will connect Czech and Russian companies. Participating companies will present their offers and plans to each other and will, with the help of CSOK and other partners of the conference organizers, start online working preparatory business negotiations.

In the second stage, as soon as the situation allows, there will be organized trade missions to areas of the Russian Federation, where online preparatory negotiations took place in the first stage. This activity will cause new dynamism in the organization of working business meetings and will speed up the achievement of specific business results on both sides through this two-stage process.

The selection of destinations where CSOK will co-organize online conferences from January 2021 includes, for example, Tula, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaliningrad and other areas.

Companies interested in participating in these two-stage export support projects can register without obligation at the email address: sekretariat@csok.cz