17. 10. 2019  |  News

University meeting in Moscow

ČSOK created cluster International Education &
Science held an international inter-university meeting at the Czech House in Moscow.
On the Czech side we can name, for example, Charles University, Mendel University
University, VŠTE České Budějovice etc ..

On behalf of the Russian side, 24 subjects of universities and universities participated. The action was
prepared as a continuation of long - term activities focused on
building international inter - university cooperation and recruiting paying students for
Czech universities.

Participating Russian universities (represented by Rectors and Vice-Rectors of Moscow,
Moscow region, but also from the cities of Orlov, Obninsk and other cities).
They carefully listened to the comprehensive offer of individual participants of the Czech delegation
covered by a cluster.

Subsequently, in bilateral interviews, they agreed on concrete solutions and forms
international inter-university cooperation.
For January 2020 the Chamber is preparing another round of inter-university international
meeting this time in the Czech Republic.

Czech universities could meet in Moscow and St. Petersburg in four days,
where it held a similar meeting with more than 40 Russian universities in Moscow,
St. Petersburg, Orlova, Obninska, Ufa and other cities of the Russian Federation.
This is a unique opportunity and opportunity for universities to establish entirely concrete
personal relationships with top representatives of foreign universities.The Chamber through its own network of permanent representatives in the Russian Federation
selected, addressed and invited to the meeting of the elite Russian university. Representatives of the Russian universities were informed in advance who will come from the Czech Republic with the specific offer.
This means that only Russian candidates interested in concrete cooperation will participate in the event.

Within such professionally and with great care prepared international
inter-university meetings achieve immediate high efficiency.
Unlike universities' participation in various general trade fairs, where besides educational institutes also participate, for example, manufacturers of school supplies or notebook covers, the presence at such events has a real meaning and results.
Interested universities have the opportunity if you are interested ask chamber of cooperation, participation in intercollegiate meetings or involvement in the cluster in writing to the email address: csok@csok.cz