19. 6. 2019  |  News


A direct link to the February chamber mission to Podgorica in Montenegro was due to the June working visit by Members of the Parliament of Montenegro in Prague.

Professor Karl Rais, the Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sports, was invited by MEPs at the invitation of the Political Chamber Chamber Delegation.

The topic was inter-university cooperation in the field of study visits, scientific internships, summer student camps, cooperation on third markets, but also handing over the experience of the Czech side to the processes of access to the European Union, where Montenegro is heading with the date 2025, when it is to become a full member of the EU.

The Montenegrin delegation was amazed at how much it had worked from the Czech side. At the meeting with the Montenegrin MPs, the vice-president of the CSOK Vlasta Bohdalova and the CSOK permanent representative Marco Milanovic were also present. According to their agendas, all representatives presented concrete information, examples and implemented projects, which were already in the field of education, science, culture and tourism already.