7. 5. 2019  |  News


The municipal government of the 5 million Chinese city of Suqian is a contractual partner of the CSOK, which officially represents the city in the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Already since 2016, when the first contacts of Suqian with CSOK were initiated, it was one of the main topics of education and social policy focused on care for the elderly. In 2018, a working visit to the Suqian Chamber Delegation took place, bringing representatives of two Czech state universities to the Chamber. This has opened the way for concrete concrete cooperation.

The 2019 mission program was launched by visiting and attending 4 high schools: Huaihai Technical College, Suqian High School, Open University, and Suqain Zeda Vocational Technical College, where the representatives of Czech and European universities met not only the current level of secondary education in China, but also to solve the right way to get Chinese students to study at European universities.

The Suqian Chamber of Commerce also prepared a scientific workshop attended by both the Czech delegation and representatives of Suqian universities, the municipal government and other Chinese professional and business public.

The pilot project of the scientific workshop presented the ability and level of current science and research of the participating European universities.

At the end of the work program, the President of the Chamber took over the credentials to open and operate the official permanent center of Suqian in the Czech Republic.