CSOK key representatives has met with a representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Czech Republic, her excellence Aizhan Duysenbayeva during the work-meeting. The main topic of the meeting was the preparation of a video-conference focused on support of export and international trade cooperation of Czech extraction adn mining technology with Kazakh partners.

During the week from November 16th, the CSOK Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Russian Export Agency and with the support of the Russian Federation Trade Representation in Prague, has organized a several-day workshop during which Russian and Czech business entities had the opportunity to...
The activities of the CSOK Chamber of Commerce in the Syrian market, which have lasted for more than a year now, continues intensively. Negotiations with Syrian customers in both the private and public sectors are being prepared through the Permanent Representative of the Chamber in Damascus. The...

The CSOK Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with ICV VUT Brno, has created an accredited course for exporters. The course aims to prepare beginner entrepreneurs to enter foreign markets within 3 months.

During year 2020, the CSOK Chamber of Commerce, under the pressure of quarantine measures, which fundamentally reduced personal contact and foreign trade routes, moved fully into a virtual environment.

The President of the Chamber took part in an actively planned meeting at the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, which was prepared and chaired by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sport, Prof. Karel Rais.

The current poor condition, which the Brno Trade Fairs and Exhibitions found themselves, not through their own fault, but through the effects of quarantine anti-epidemic measures, has motivated efforts by the CSOK management to help and support the BVV.

The President of the CSOK Chamber of Commerce attended a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Youth and Sports, which, with the substantial support of Acting Committee Chairman Prof. Karel Rais, adopted a resolution to hold a round table with the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs.

In August, the President of the Chamber of Commerce took part in a meeting of the Member of the Czech Parliament, Prof. Karel Rais, and the Governor of the South Moravian Region, Mr. Bohumil Šimek.

In August, the CSOK President took part in a working visit by the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic Alena Schillerová to the South Moravian Region.