12. 1. 2021  |  News

New Year message of the President of the Chamber of Commerce




We are entering the new, jubilee year for our chamber. The Czech - Middle Asian Chamber of Commerce begins its 20th year of operation! We have become an integral part of everyday business and commercial life in the Czech Republic and in other 14 countries of the former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Arabia and the Balkans.

We work with a professional network of permanent delegates and territorial offices. We continuously monitor the internal and external economic situation in the territory covering one-seventh of the world. Thanks to our service, organization of human resources and efficient use of the capabilities of our Chamber of Commerce, we were able to operatively help and solve problems even in a completely exceptional and extreme time brought by the global pandemic of Covid-19 last year.

The quality of the chamber system was clearly shown. The ability to act and the deep knowledge of the local situation were confirmed. Due to the size of the territory in which the chamber operates, we have always had to deal with communication by distance in the past. Therefore, the sudden closure of borders, stop of traveling abroad and prevention of personal contacts were not a problem for us. All of this would not work withouth the network of permament delegates, consisting of top professionals with high moral credit, builded by the chamber within last 20 years. 

This was the only way to continuously provide our services and assistance to all who needed it.

The business community has found that not everyone who pretends to be an experts in international trade and international relations is able to handle such a situation. It turned out that many organisations does not have the knowledge of the territory, they are not able to generate real solutions and if they do, they still do not have foreign partners and contacts with whom to implement assistance and projects.

On the other hand, our Chamber came up with such projects and a system of specific support and has implemented them. The last year's events has confirmed that the long-established chamber project of bilateral trade cooperation on third markets is one of the main solutions to support exports in times of emergency. In addition, the CSOK Chamber of Commerce has organized dozens of online bilateral and multilateral international trade meetings, which were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic, embassies and ministries of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other partners.

The crisis year 2020 verified the real quality of skills and friendships in society around the world. Last year also clearly showed who is who. And most of all, last year showed us our selves - the way how we are able to handle an unexpected situation in both our private and professional life.

The chamber came out of this difficult period strengthened with a very good evaluation. This state will continue in 2021. Following year is a year of hope and renewal. It is necessary to learn from the past difficult period so that all those human, moral and economic sacrifices are not unnecessary.

The chamber carefully prepared for 2021. A broad international program of projects and activities has been established to help the business community quickly and effectively rebuild and return to full capacity. These specifically prepared infrastructure and trade projects, investment programs, export support programs, international interuniversity cooperation in education, science and research, and other development and support programs for renewal.

On behalf of our Chamber of Commerce, I would like to wish all our co-workers, members, clients and partners a lot of strength and optimism in the year of hope and renewal!

Jiří Nestával

President of the Chamber of Commerce