12. 12. 2021  |  News

Meeting with the representative of Sakha Republic

The President of the CSOK met with the Permanent Representative of the Autonomous Republic of Sakha to the President of the Russian Federation at a working meeting in Moscow. 

Sakha, also known as Yakutia is autonomous republic is located in the northeastern part of Russia and its area is equivalent to the size of nine times the size of France! 

Due to the huge presence and wide range of mineral elements, it is one of the richest regions of the Russian Federation.

The Chamber President has discussed with representatives of Yakutsk specific opportunities for cooperation with a focus on support of Czech exports, particularly in the mining industry, food processing, water and sewage systems, wastewater treatment and independent sources of renewable energy. International inter-university cooperation was also a very important topic, including a request from the Yakut side to open a Czech language teaching centre in Yakutia. The next round of meetings between the President of the Chamber and representatives of Yakutia in Moscow is scheduled for January 2022.