2. 12. 2019  |  News

International inter-university cooperation

The ČSOK Chamber of Commerce organized another major thematic mission at the turn of October and November.
International intercollegiate cooperation, summer camps, lecture tours and mainly recruitment of self-paying students were the main topics of negotiations in the Chinese partner city of Xuzhou, with which the Chamber has concluded a cooperation agreement.

For three years now, ČSOK has been building relationships in Xuzhou and strives to build inter-university partnerships and a permanent source of self-paying students for Czech higher education.Based on the business ability of the Chamber to find and find successful solutions, we managed to find suitable solutions for the topic of attracting students for Czech universities.It means not looking for students at foreign universities as everyone has done so far, but going straight to high school and contacting high school students who are just thinking about where and where to study.

This solution has clearly proved to be right and most effective.

The mission of the participating Czech university, which presented their offers at Xuzhou secondary schools, was successful.

The interest in other fields of study in bachelor's and master's courses was complemented by the huge demand for summer student camps.

Interest exceeded expectations.

Several years of effort of the Chamber, so celebrate success.