9. 3. 2020  |  News

Efficiency to success

In February, the CSOK President met in Moscow at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and in the State Duma, where he presented the new CSOK business and economic agenda for 2020 called "Efficiency for Success".
It is an association of the abilities and means of the Russian and the Czech business entities to effectively operate in third-country markets in Central Asia or selected countries of the Arab world. And of course, everywhere is meaningful and promising to combine capabilities and resources for maximum efficiency and competitiveness in complicated but attractive and promising markets.
The proposed project of international business cooperation was very positively received by the representatives of the Russian state. The Chamber is preparing a meeting of the Czech and Russian companies, which will take place in May this year in the State Duma in Moscow. At the start of the "Efficiency to Success" program.