1. 7. 2021  |  News

Economic recovery and the impact of the pandemic

The revival of the SME economic sector was the subject of a working meeting organised by the Institute for Politics and Society and attended by the President of the CSOK.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted many businesses and made them vulnerable. This can have a lasting impact on SMEs, especially today, when the pandemic is causing huge economic changes that are causing difficulties for companies in Europe and worldwide. The economic vulnerability of SMEs has become one of the main concerns of the public and private sectors, not only last year but also this year, and will undoubtedly continue to preoccupy politicians during 2021.

The event featured short but very specific presentations by representatives from the government, banking and business sectors. Terms and names of projects such as citizen portal and entrepreneur portal, digital workshop, digital marketing and others were mentioned. The discussants agreed that digitization of the business environment is an important element for the successful functioning of the business sector.

However, online communication cannot replace face-to-face contact.  Trade fairs, exhibitions, trade missions and face-to-face business meetings are an essential part of business culture and years of proven practice. Just as home-office is not a clear benefit and a one-size-fits-all solution, as was stated by the participants in the meeting.