17. 3. 2019  |  News


At the invitation of the leadership of the Federation of Industry of the Russian Federation, the president of the Chamber attended the International Conference on IT Standards and Industry 4.0, which took place at MIREA - the State Russian University of Technology in Moscow.

The participation of CSOK president at the international conference was directly linked to the February meeting with the 1st Vice-Chairman of the Russian Industry Union and the Commission for Standardization, Certification and Management Quality by Andrey Lotsman and other representatives of the Industry Union.

The aim of the CSOK president's participation in the international conference was to get acquainted in detail with the current situation regarding the implementation of standardization and certification procedures according to international standardization and the “Industry 4.0” principles in the Russian Federation. Through the Chamber in the Czech Republic, the Confederation of Industry seeks professional authority to help smooth and professional implementation of standards and quality management according to the "Industry 4.0" principles.

The president of the Chamber has agreed with the leadership of the Russian Industry Association on close cooperation and invited its representatives to a working meeting with expert authorities in the Czech Republic.