7. 5. 2019  |  News


Xuzhou is one of the largest urban prefectures of Jiangsu Province, China. More than 10 million population of dynamically developing city is an attractive and promising goal of export and trade economic efforts of the CSOK in China.

Xuzhou seeks to improve the environment for human life and to maintain sustainable development, setting an example for other cities in China and the world. This also earned the attention of the Chamber. Because Xuzhou was the base of heavy industry and coal mines and a resource-depleted city, but in the recent past, local people have made considerable efforts to restore the local environment, and so the city has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Xuzhou has become a national pilot city for the recycling and recovery of renewable resources, an example of which has been extended to 166 Chinese cities.

All this and much more was the reason for the chamber's long-standing interest in this Xuzhou Smart City.

To further develop it, Xuzhou needs an educated generation of young people to contribute to the further development and building of the third millennium urban infrastructure. This was the main goal of the chamber mission, which, for the second time, brought to Xuzhou rectors, vice-rectors, deans and professors of Czech and Montenegrin universities. Specific discussions between Czech, Montenegrin and Chinese university officials at a conference prepared by the CSOK in cooperation with the municipal government of the City Prefecture concerned inter-university co-operation and recruitment of self-paying students.

The President of the Chamber, accompanied by the entire delegation, was received by Zhu Tiegen, Head of the City of Xuzhou, with whom he assessed the cooperation between the Chamber and the City, focusing primarily on education, science, research, social affairs and care for the elderly, as well as renewable energy, environment and Smart City.

The CSOK has been the official representative of Xuzhou in the Czech Republic and the European Union since 2018.

In June, a delegation of the Xuzhou municipal government headed by Zhou Tiegen will arrive in the Czech Republic. Apart from Prague, the work program will also take place mainly in Brno.

The Chamber is preparing a mission to Xuzhou in the autumn, which will be a direct continuation of the commenced negotiations and start paid study visits of Chinese students at Czech universities.