27. 11. 2019  |  News

Ambassador of Afghanistan in Prague

The President of ČSOK, accompanied by the Director of the Center for Afghanistan - Czech Relations Ing. Farid Yar and the Rector of the Academy of International Trade and Diplomacy Ing. Alexander Skrebeik and other officials of the Center Republic and is waiting for handing over credentials to the President of the Czech Republic.

The President of the CSOK informed HE the Ambassador about the long-term activities of the Chamber carried out in favor of international business cooperation with Afghanistan, which the Chamber has been implementing since 2005, as well as the activities of the Center for Afghanistan - Czech Cooperation.HE Ambassador of Afghanistan Mr. Aryobee listened very closely to the report on the activities of both organizations. He thanked the officials present on behalf of Afghanistan for their work so far and made sure that he himself was ready to be actively involved in the cooperation and activities of the Center.

He confirmed that the leadership of Afghanistan closely monitors the activities of the Chamber and the Center and expresses its support and appreciation for this activity.

This is evidenced by the positive comments of the Ambassador after meeting with the President of the CSOK and representatives of the Center on Facebook Mr. Ambassador.