Montenegro place of attractive business opportunities

6. 11. 2018

Montenegro has gone on a trip to a full member of the European Union, which it plans to enter in 2025.
Seven years of transformation of the whole country and the economy is a time of great opportunity not only for Montenegro itself but for all who will accompany them on this road. So for Czech industry and Czech experts.
Niksic, Danilovgrad, Cetinje, Tivat are cities that have already become contracting partners of the Chamber.
Podgorica, Bar, Berane and Plav are other cities where Chamber One is about cooperation and support.
The Czech Republic's experience with EU accession, building of municipal infrastructure, inter-university cooperation, tourism support, investment, training of hotel and gastronomy workers, etc. are topics that the Chamber offers Montenegrin partners.
Montenegro and its economy are an attractive opportunity not only for Czech and European companies, but Azerbaijan and Turkish companies are also entering Montenegro. Over the past two years, it's almost 1000 Turkish companies.
The Chamber tries to maintain the pace of market entry as much as possible through its network of permanent officials. It depends, but mainly on Czech companies and their capacity and competitiveness.

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