The Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs

In the Czech House in Moscow on April 2 festive held talks with the President of CSOK leadership of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs

With this significant Organization ( the chamber in contact more than a year and the signing of a cooperation agreement that the negotiations took place between the two organizations was established real support for Czech exports, especially to members and clients CSOK. Through the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs and the Czech exporters receives all available support in the area of access to business information, procurement, tendering opportunities and projects of the Moscow government. The service is legal, tax, consulting service. A number of other services that can flexibly chamber to provide its members and clients.



  • Political, economic and legal protection of entrepreneurs;
  • Represent the interests of businesses in the structures of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the federal and local levels, including municipal structures;
  • Support business communications with officials of state and municipal authorities at different levels;
  • Creating a positive image of entrepreneurs in government
  • Active participation in the creation of a favorable business and investment climate in the Russian Federation, providing financial and other resources for various projects, assistance in arranging contacts with Russian and foreign companies and international investment funds; 
  • Organizing relations with foreign business associations, implementation of trade missions, contacting foreign companies in order to provide conditions for effective search of sales opportunities and partners for goods and services in Russia and abroad, opening foreign branches of the Association in accordance with the laws of the home country;
  • Creating a vision of business and strategic perspectives such as business development; 
  • Practical steps to create a financial system and modern banking instruments, providing the possibility of "long" mortgages;
  • Sharing experience and knowledge to help novice entrepreneurs with the aim to minimize errors in the organization and development of their business;
  • Organize and provide direct and effective communications support entrepreneurs, industrialists and financiers among themselves
  • Introduction of opportunity in which to have a member - businessman interesting and valuable opportunity to perform a variety of programs in business and industry.

The most important tactical tasks currently are:

  • Continuous complete analysis of the activities and experiences Association and its members;
  • Improving the activities of the Association through the admission of new members;
  • Improving the old and the development of new ways to attract business associations;
  • Continuous improvement of the existing system of relations with the executive, legislative and judicial branches, establishing new contacts with state, municipal and socio - political structures;
  • More efficient use of opportunities and the creation of new subsidiaries and branches of commercial structures and programs, including the provision of services to members of the association
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